Two Year Old In Training Auctions, Race Horses For Sale

25 Feb

Race Horses For Sale

Sold!..Whack! The auctioneer points to you and slams the hammer down declaring you the highest bidder of a beautiful chestnut filly that is now just exiting the auction ring. Last year this same scenario took place at two year old in training sales throughout the country about 1,700 times. But you know that you saw something special in that filly you just purchased. The way she stood alertly and bright eyed at the barn, and especially the way she caught your eye after hours of watching 350 training videos, just gliding effortlessly across the track.

Two year old sales can be one of the most exciting thoroughbred auctions to purchase a race horse from. Unlike yearling and weanling sales two year old sales allow you as the buyer or your thoroughbred partnership, the opportunity to evaluate the running ability of the race horse before purchasing it. These thoroughbreds showcase their ability to run (or not) in under tack shows breezing 1/8th to 3/8th of a mile.  At Blinkers On we believe our ability to analyze race horse stride has been a key to the success of our horse racing partnership.

Buying a horse is most definitely an art and not a science, and that is what makes it challenging.  At Blinkers On Racing Stable, a leader in thoroughbred partnerships in California, we specialize and succeed in purchasing two year olds in training. With the expertise of bloodstock adviser Greg Gilchrest, Blinkers On’s horse racing partnership has been successful in earning a lifetime win percentage of 24% and in the money 61% of the time. The majority of these statistics were accumulated from horses purchased from two year old in training sales over the past 6 years.

This year another 1,500 two year olds in training will be sold at auction. They will range from horses sold and purchased from yearling sales brought back to be sold as two year olds in training, to horses right off the farm entering the sales pavilion for the first time. Either way, the excitement and potential will be second to none. Many will have the potential to compete at the highest levels of racing beginning in the summer of this year and throughout the rest of their careers as race horses. The opportunities are endless with the right thoroughbred partnership. Will you be a part of it?

Blinkers On

Blinkers On Racing Stable, a leader in thoroughbred horse racing partnerships, brings together the finest in thoroughbred horse racing expertise with the best in business know-how, and above all, a team of people you can trust, to manage your investment. We are committed to helping you experience the joys of thoroughbred horse ownership. For more information on thoroughbred partnerships visit our website or request an information package about our partnership. Keep up with horse racing in California by reading our Blog, finding us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, checking us out on LinkedIn, or visiting our YouTube Channel!

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