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Naming A Horse

How a Racing Partnership Names a Horse

Naming a horse, like most aspects of horse racing is based on tradition. Names are traditionally created by using a combination of the sire and dam’s name. Usually the name will play off both and sometimes just one of the names and have a creative or witty play on them.  But of course not all names use this form. Sometimes names can be representative of a specific trait of the horse or an experience the horse may have had, or even something that has meaning to the owners. In any case naming can be a very fun experience.

Before you have your heart set on a specific name you must first visit The Jockey Club website to ensure that your name is acceptable and approved. Like anything, there are rules and regulations that you must abide by when naming a horse. For example a horse’s name may not contain more than 18 characters including spaces. In addition, names cannot have commercial or artistic value, and cannot be suggestive or offensive. Furthermore, names cannot be used if another horse that is currently running is using that name. At the end of the day, the Jockey Club has the final say, and a complete list of the naming rules and regulations can be found at

At Blinkers On Racing Stable, our horse racing partnership likes to come up with creative names that are either a play on the dam and sire’s names or are reflective of a horse’s attributes or experiences. For example, our multiple G1 winner, Turbulent Descent, is by Congrats out of Roger’s Sue. Clearly, her name has nothing to do with her dam and sire’s names, but rather an unfortunate plane flight on her way to California. After Turbulent Descent was purchased at the OBS sale in Ocala Florida she was flown out to Southern California to race. During her flight here, the plane experienced a good amount of turbulence and Turbulent Descent cut her ankle in the midst of all the turbulence. Luckily, the cut was superficial and turned out not be an issue. Since then Turbulent Descent has gone on to win three G1 races and her name has become popular across the country. Another horse for Blinkers On Racing Stable, Clearly a Cowboy, got his name the more traditional way. By With Distinction out of Cowgirl Lucky, Clearly a Cowboy is a perfect play on both his sire and dam’s names.

At the end of the day naming a horse is a personal decision made by the thoroughbred partnership or sole owner. There is no exact method you have to follow. Sometimes a name will come to you and just fit a horse and other times it may take a little longer and require some clever thinking. If you ever have a hard time naming a horse or are questioning the names you have come up with, watch this video of two horses with very clever names, I’m sure it will make you laugh!

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