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Racetrack Clockers, workout times and their value

Horse Racing Partnerships, Trainers and Gamblers use private clocker information to gain a valuable edge.


There are basically two types of clockers. The first is an official clocker. This is a racetrack employee whose breeze figures are supplied to the Daily Racing Form and Equibase. The second is a private clocker. A private clocker is not just supplying workout numbers (times) but “how the horse did it”

A private clocker should actually be called a public clocker because the information is available for purchase on the Internet for the public to use for gambling or entertainment. These reports give the player a glimpse of the inside part of the game they might otherwise not get to see. For a private clocker there is much more to clocking than numbers and fractions. First, raw numbers may not be accurate. It may be someone hitting their stopwatch before the horse hits the pole or someone fudging the numbers for a gambling score. For a private clocker it is what he interprets with his own eyes. Did the horse do it easy, did they switch leads smoothly, was there more to give or were they spent etc.?

In summary, if the final time of a workout is all you have to go by it’s something but so many other factors go into how well a horse has worked. As is the case with Blinkers On Racing Stable and most insiders, we find little value in the raw data unless context is also provided so you may want to investigate one of the service providers if you are looking for that handicapping edge.

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