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Horse Race Results – Where to Find Them and What to Look For

Race Results

If you’re not sitting in a seat at the track watching your race, you’ll want to be able to find horse race results quickly once your race is over. Unless you’ve bet on a Triple Crown race or a similarly high-profile event, the chances of watching your horse run on television are slim to none. Knowing where to find race results is an integral part of the game, whether you’re betting on a favorite or watching the results of a horse you own a share in.

Individual Outcomes

For general daily racing headlines, ESPN can be a great resource. Sites like this one will give you big news and general information in an easy-to-digest format and are perfect for the casual racing fan.

Equibase Company, the “Official Site” for Thoroughbred racing information, offers more detailed information and statistics, still in a fairly manageable format for the novice racing fan. Equibase is a good middle ground for checking headlines or searching individual race outcomes.

Daily Racing Form, arguably the most trusted name in Thoroughbred racing, offers online race results here. This site is probably the most detailed and can give you all the stats on each race that are later compiled to make up the Daily Racing Form. Their information on each race, by track, includes the distance; the type of race and age requirements or other limitations; the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers (win, place, and show) and the amounts they paid out; the winners’ jockeys, trainers, and owners; and race times in 5ths and 100ths. The fine print lists the “also rans” and amounts paid on bets other than win/place/show.

Daily Racing Forms

The Daily Racing Form itself is a compilation of information on horses’ past performance in multiple races. The Daily Racing Form, or DRF, offers stats and information on horses’ past performance, jockeys, trainers, and recent starts. It can be difficult to get a handle on the “language” of the Daily Racing Form. To the uninitiated, a first look at the DRF yields only a tangle of unmanageable numbers. The racing form is the equivalent of all of a player’s stats in baseball or basketball, crammed onto a single page. This page is the handicapper’s Bible in Thoroughbred racing, allowing bettors to make educated guesses based on past performance (PP) rather than throwing darts in the dark.

Bets and Handicapping

Have a look at DRF Past Performance data here and’s videos here to get a grip on the basics of the Daily Racing Form and its uses. If you want to learn the art of handicapping, or making educated guesses on race outcomes based on past performance and current conditions, the Daily Racing Form is the place to start. Using the facts of past races is the best way to predict future race outcomes. Trainers use these stats to best position their horses to win; bettors use them to handicap; and owners watch them zealously every time their horse runs to keep up to date with fresh outcomes.

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