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Racehorse Sales – Thoroughbred Racing Costs of Ownership

Racehorse Sales – What It Entails Annually

The Yearly Round

Thoroughbred racing and racehorse sales follow annual patterns of purchase, training, and racing. As horses enter their second year and become eligible to race, potential owners begin to take notice. Three and four year olds ratchet up their training and begin to really find their feet in the racing world, and older horses and their trainers engage in the yearly dance of finding the best racing conditions to maximize each horse’s strengths.

Purchase Price

The first cost you’ll need to consider is the actual price of the race horse, which can vary between a couple of thousand and seven figures. Racehorse sales are an intricate game all their own; a horse may be bought at auction, in a private sale between two or more parties, or at a claiming race. A young, untried animal, especially of questionable pedigree, may be far more affordable than a proven champion, but the investment is also much more of a gamble. That high pricetag is one of the main reasons partnership syndicates have become so popular in recent years.

Upkeep Costs

Keeping a horse can be phenomenally expensive, though monthly costs will vary as horses cycle between training at the track and resting on the farm. A horse in training will cost you between $30,000 and $50,000 per year for basic training, veterinary care, farriers fees and transportation.

Racing Costs and the Great Game

In addition to the basic costs of horse ownership, owning a working Thoroughbred entails the added expense of costs associated only with horse racing. These costs include the trainers pay, track fees, and jockey fees. Race horse sales are only the beginning – to obtain a chance at the action for yourself and your horse, you’ve got to buy in to the game. Every professional who interacts with your horse has to make a living; racing is a sophisticated system, carefully honed to be efficient and manageable, but there’s no doubt it’s expensive. Syndicate partnerships are racing’s answer to the pricetag question, bringing the high-roller game to the average dollar buy-in player.

Blinkers On

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