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2-Year-Old Sales and the Importance of Workout Times

How horse racing partnerships evaluate under tack workout times

It is the 2-year-old sale season and horse racing partnerships will be attending the sales put on by OBS in Florida, Barretts in California and Fasig-Tipton in Florida and Maryland. The big difference between 2-year-old sales and yearling sales is the all-important under tack workouts where horses will breeze one eighth, one quarter or three eighths of a mile. These future racing prospects will be asked to work as fast as possible with a strong gallop out.

The top-priced horses generally have posted the fastest or one of the fastest times during the breeze show so it is no wonder the consignors push these horses to run faster than they will ever have to run again. One eighth of a mile in 10 seconds is not uncommon.

But really how important is the time itself? Many feel the workout time is like throwing darts, that a good horse may or may not show his or her best on a given day. In addition, the blazing works have attracted criticism of the 2-year-old sales because the horses are pushed so hard at a young age even though studies have shown early exercise and racing as a 2 year old can be associated with increased performance and durability.

However one thing almost all agree on is the workouts are necessary at the 2-year-old sales because the workouts help buyers sort out the horses by judging one horse against the other. If not you really are back to a yearling sale.

When the Blinkers On Racing Stable team studies a workout, time is only one part of the equation. We are looking for athletic horses with longer, efficient strides that breeze the “right way” not necessarily breeze overly fast. That is why our team spends so much time on stride analysis in addition to the physical inspections and pedigree work. Remember, thoroughbred races are not run at an eighth or a quarter of a mile which is basically a drag race. Thoroughbred races are run at a minimum of five eighths of a mile and much longer as the horses get a little older.

So, yes, times should play a role in selecting a 2 year old but horses that have the fastest breeze are not necessarily the best horse and that is a fact. But, that being said, buyers will always be heavily influenced by the times which can create great value for the really good horseman. A horseman with the sixth sense to spot a fast horse that may not have the fastest time in the sale is a person you want on your team when you are buying horses at a 2-year-old sale.

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Thoroughbred Sale – Racehorse Ownership vs. Partnership

Thoroughbred sale

When considering involvement in a Thoroughbred sale, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. No matter how excellent the animal, no matter how good you think your odds will be, remember that you’re investing cold, hard cash and you need a team of people you can trust to manage that investment.

Going it Alone

Those who own horses alone are those who have serious disposable income to spare. The cost of a good horse alone can run many thousands of dollars. Add to that cost training, food, boarding, veterinary care, farrier’s fees, transport to race locations, and jockey fees. You’re looking at a massive cost in order to own a single animal, not to mention the daunting task of learning your way through the artistry of the racing world on your own, without a trustworthy guide. And keep in mind that, according to a Crocker Racing Stable article on horse ownership, about a third of foals bred to racing never start in a single race, and half of those that do get to start never win!

Syndicate Racing

A few lucky souls have the background and the income to make it in horse racing alone. For the rest of us, syndicate partnerships, like those offered here at Blinkers On, allow the thrill and possibility of Thoroughbred ownership for a manageable cost. According to an article by Horse Hats Racing Club, syndicate racing was pioneered back in 1969 by Dogwood Stable’s Cot Campbell. Since the first syndication, racing partnerships have made owning a piece of the Thoroughbred pie affordable and manageable for the Average Joe.

For example, right now we’re offering a share in the two year old filly, Hidinginplainsight, by Elusive Quality out of Hot Storm, starting at $5,995 with 5% interest expenses. She’s NATC Futurity, Breeders Cup, and EFB nominated, with a spotless pedigree. Hidinginplainsight is one of many examples of the quality we strive to offer our partners here at Blinkers On. And we keep a share in all of our horses, so you know we’ve put our money where our mouth is. We manage all aspects of Thoroughbred ownership and keep our partners well informed of all our decisions. With a share in a partnership, you’ll share all the costs of ownership with others and share in the thrill of race day as an insider, not just a spectator. And with Blinkers On, you’ll know you have an experienced partner guiding you through the ins and outs of a Thoroughbred sale and racing strategy.

Blinkers On

Blinkers On Racing Stable, a leader in thoroughbred horse racing partnerships, brings together the finest in thoroughbred horse racing expertise with the best in business know-how, and above all, a team of people you can trust, to manage your investment. We are committed to helping you experience the joys of thoroughbred horse ownership. For more information on thoroughbred partnerships visit our website or request an information package about our partnership. Keep up with horseracing in California by reading our Blog, finding us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, checking us out on LinkedIn, or visiting our YouTube Channel!

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