California Bred Program

01 Dec

Thoroughbred Partnerships Take Advantage Of Cal Bred Program

Thoroughbred horse racing in California has recently received a boost in incentives for both breeding and racing California Breds in California. Horse Racing Syndicates throughout the state would be hard pressed to find better value elsewhere than racing Cal Breds in California. With the industry reporting a declining foal crop each year and purse money mostly remaining stagnant on the west coast without the help of casinos, the new Cal bred incentives look enticing to California race horse partnerships.

First, a thoroughbred must qualify as a California bred to be eligible for these new incentives. A California bred thoroughbred is defined by the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association as: A horse dropped in California after being conceived in California, or any Thoroughbred foal dropped by a mare in California if the mare remains in California to be next bred to a Thoroughbred stallion standing in the state. If the mare cannot be bred for two successive seasons, but remains in California during that period, her foal will be considered a California-bred. If these qualifications are met by a thoroughbred then a minimal fee must be made to the CTBA to register the horse officially as a California bred thoroughbred. To get a better idea of how many Cal Breds there are each year the Jockey Club reports that: In 2012 there was a foal crop in California of about 1,600 horses where in the U.S. the total foal crop was 22,500. That means that California Breds only account for about 7% of the total foal crop in the U.S., which in turn means race horse partnerships have a smaller group of horses to compete against in restricted California bred races.

In owning a California bred horse thoroughbred partnerships are able to run Cal Breds in restricted races against other Cal Breds, not having to run in open races if a horse racing partnership does not want to. Although, if a race horse syndicate wants to run in an open maiden special weight or open allowance race in California, that horse’s owners will receive a bonus award in addition to the regular purse. For example, owners can receive at least a 20 percent bonus on the finisher’s share for finishing first through fifth in an open allowance or overnight stake race and up to a 20 percent bonus for finishing first in an open starter allowance above $15,000 and open non-maiden claiming races with a claiming price of $40,000 or greater in Southern California and $20,000 or greater in Northern California. These levels are purposely set high to encourage the ownership of high-quality runners and to restrict the number of qualifiers so that the awards will function as a major incentive. In addition, Cal Bred winners of open maiden special weight races will receive a bonus of $17,500 in Southern California.

This year The Thoroughbred Owners of California, The California Marketing Committee, and through nominations of 2 year olds the 2012 will jointly fund the Golden State Series which has been initiated to bring new stakes and purse enhancements to existing stakes totaling $2.325 million. To be eligible a foal of 2010 must have made a $300 nomination fee by February 15 or be subject to a one time late entry fee to the program. The program is made to encourage and reward participation, and purse money will be distributed through sixth place in races with purses between $100,000-$150,000 and through eighth place in races with purses of $200,000-$300,000. Initially, the incentive programs are designed to significantly boost purses and the number of races available for 2 and 3 year-olds to continue the quick return to owners and breeders. Over time, and with success, the goal is to expand the purses and opportunities for older horses as well. Purses for the new stakes series range from $100,000 to $300,000 with races at all major California tracks, including the addition of two turf races in Northern California.

With all these incentives and additional races in the state of California we at Blinkers On decided to purchase a California bred yearling at the 2012 Barrett’s yearling sale.  Knowing that these incentives and races are in fact geared towards younger horses we feel that if we were not taking advantage of these programs while racing in California, we would be missing out if we did not own a California bred. In any industry, especially thoroughbred horse racing, it is important to be on top of the most recent programs so that you can take full advantage of the incentives that are right in your own backyard.  Hopefully, with more horse racing partnerships and other owners understanding the benefits of owning and racing Cal Breds the incentive programs will continue to grow each year and eventually be able to make a significant impact on the sport itself.

Blinkers On

Blinkers On Racing Stable, a leader in thoroughbred horse racing partnerships, brings together the finest in thoroughbred horse racing expertise with the best in business know-how, and above all, a team of people you can trust, to manage your investment. We are committed to helping you experience the joys of thoroughbred horse ownership. For more information on thoroughbred partnerships visit our website or request an information package about our partnership. Keep up with horse racing in California by reading our Blog, finding us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, checking us out on LinkedIn, or visiting our YouTube Channel!

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